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dba Advanced Rehabilitation Services

175 Commons Loop, Suite 100
Kalispell, MT 59901

Brian Miller, PT, MS, OCS, CMTPT, cert. RRCA Running Coach:

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  1. My name is Felicia. I am a new resident to Montana – Kalispell. I am hoping to join a running club. I use to belong to one in my previous hometown that met during the week and on Saturdays. Would you know if something similar?

    1. Hi Felicia,
      Though I see your post is very old, did you ever connect with runners in the area?
      The Hell Roaring Running Club on Strava is one way to connect with others, though I see the club has attracted people from all over the world.
      Another good way to connect is at our races, if you haven’t done one yet.

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