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Brian Miller’s love of running did not start overnight. While running cross country in high school, he saw running as a means to an end for getting into shape for other sports. Soon after high school he decided running was not good for him. After becoming a physical therapist in 1998, he learned from the research literature that running does not lead to premature arthritis in the leg joints. Further reading led to his discovery of effective running form for reducing injury rates and improving performance. Since 2006 he has completed numerous marathons, ultra-marathons, multi-sport and adventure races, which has helped refine his ability to teach running form, diagnose, and treat running related injuries. As a certified orthopedic clinical specialist, he strives to stay current with the most effective treatment techniques for musculoskeletal pain.  In 2018, he became a certified running coach through the Road Runner’s Club of America, further enhancing his ability to guide individuals towards their running-related goals.

A key catalyst in launching Brian’s outreach to runners through running clinics was Jamie Lynn, currently a Physical Therapist Assistant and health coach living in Missoula, MT.  Jamie collaborated with Brian to start teaching running clinics, and without her these clinics probably never would have happened.

Currently, Brian co-owns Advanced Rehabilitation Services, an outpatient physical therapy practice in Kalispell, MT. He is also a student in the art of balancing family, business, and training demands. Brian lives with his wife, Heidi, and two running sons, Reed and Kyle, in Kalispell, MT.

For recent media coverage on “The Mountain Millers,” see the Flathead Beacon article or the Flathead Living article. For entertaining videos on Brian, Brianna and Brian’s boys’ “fastpacks” across the Bob Marshall Wilderness, see son Reed Miller’s YouTube channel

Had you asked Brianna Irion if she considered herself a “runner” 10 years ago, she would have said no. Her love for running was discovered by accident after she quit playing traveling soccer and decided it would be wise to find another activity to keep her moving. While running began as a hobby, it quickly became a passion. After accomplishing her first goal of running a 10K, she went on to complete half marathons, several marathons and an ultramarathon. In the past couple of years, Brianna has become more interested in trail running and her running goals have continued to evolve. She really enjoys going on long trail running adventures with friends, seeing beautiful places and learning more about how running can positively impact the body. Since progressing her running goals, she has enjoyed learning more about the mechanics of running and how to become a more efficient runner.

Brianna is a physical therapist and orthopedic clinical specialist currently working for Advanced Rehabilitation Services in Kalispell, MT. She has worked with her colleague, Brian Miller, to refine the running clinic, which has further developed her love and understanding of running. Aside from running, Brianna loves any activities that allow her to get outside with her friends and family.

Julie, the most recent addition to our team, has been a registered dietitian nutritionist since 2010.  She has enjoyed long distance running since college, having completed various long personal mountain adventures and long distance races including 50Ks and a 50 miler. She enjoys crewing and pacing her husband during his 100 mile races as well.  

Julie runs a virtual private practice helping ultra runners overcome fueling issues that cause them to fall behind on calories and slow down such as lack of appetite, nausea, dehydration and stomach bloat.  Her clients learning how to  fuel before, during and after runs so they can perform their best without falling behind on calories, keeping their energy levels high and finishing races. You can contact her on instagram at the handle @ultra.runner.nutrition or send her an email at Julie and her husband Justin have one daughter and one on the way!

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